“I wish a program like this existed for me years ago. I wouldn’t have wasted so much time, money, and frustration on quick fixes and programs that were not customized towards me at all. This is why I created this program for my clients, because I have been where they are, and I don’t want them to suffer for years on end trying to ‘figure it out’ like I did.” 

- CEO & Founder, Adriann Antonia



ANNA SANO is a private online health and fitness coaching service offering The ANNA SANO Fitness Program. 

"ANNA" is the nickname given to CEO & Founder, Adriann Antonia. "SANO" translates to "healthy" or "well" in Italian.

Hence, ANNA SANO - I Am Well

This elite program is an exclusively designed methodology that is customized specifically based upon the client's own individual bodysomatotype, specific needs, goals, schedule, experience level, food aversions, and lifestyle in order to help them achieve their dream body while teaching them how to keep it for life.

We know that fitness is not "one-size-fits-all", and believe in a permanent transformation-- not a cover-up, cheap fix, or restrictive diet.

We work one-on-one with our clients to get to the heart of the matter, so they can master their health and fitness: mind, body, and spirit.


ANNA SANO was built on the idea that health and fitness is the single most highest form of self-love. 

We know that often times with work, business relations, family life, children, friends, and being pulled in many different directions, it makes it hard to make the time for self-care. 

ANNA SANO provides world-class accountability to its clients, because without it, failure is inevitable. We know that with the high level of accountability that only we can offer, comes the best results, and that is exactly what we provide for our clients.

This is how we achieve a quality, lifelong-transformation.


We at ANNA SANO use a proven strategy, backed by science. Our strategy focuses on the whole picture of health and fitness, to help our clients achieve their goals in a way that is healthy and can be realistically maintained for life.

We believe in the power of the mind, and applied fact-based knowledge. There is so much misinformation on the world-wide web, and we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and serving our clients at the highest level.

With ANNA SANO, our clients reach their goals with the guidance and support that they need. Our strategy gets them the results they desire without all the irrelevant material which does not serve them. 

With the right strategy designed specifically for you and your goals, how can you fail?


About Your Coach:


is an elite online health and fitness coach, single mother, CPT, and CEO & Founder of ANNA SANO.

It is through her program, The ANNA SANO Fitness Program, that she helps women lose fat, gain impenetrable confidence, and experience the ultimate form of self-love and care while mastering their body, mind, and spirit.

After losing over 40 pounds herself, healing her own gut post emergency laparoscopic gallbladder removal, and experiencing her own health and fitness transformation mentally and physically, Adriann has focused her time and energy into helping women who are committed to achieving their desired results for their own health and fitness.

As a single mother, Adriann knows firsthand how important it is to prioritize self-care in order to be the best mother to her son. At the same time, being a business woman, wearing many hats, and showing up powerfully and presently in every day life means that her health and fitness must always be front and center. 

As a coach, Adriann realizes that there are many women who face the same challenges of "doing it all", and need help navigating their way to their goals while maintaining balance. She understands that health and fitness goes beyond physical change and appearance. It is with this that she takes a more mindful and holistic approach to helping her clients achieve their goals. By strengthening their sense of spirit and renewing their energy, Adriann guides her clients into cultivating an unbreakable foundation of self-love, abundance, and fulfillment in every life she changes.

“The ANNA SANO Woman does not have time to play the guessing game. She doesn’t want to waste time on short-term gain. She is sick of boring workouts and gross yo-yo dieting. She needs the blueprint. She wants to take away the guess work and have her health and fitness handled once and for all, so she can focus on living her best life!”

Whether her client’s goal is to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, maintain, or gain weight, Adriann gets her clients the results that they desire.

"There is a lack of specificity in the fitness industry. Everyone thinks they need to be doing what their neighbor is doing, not realizing that they could be hindering their growth and progress, because they have a completely different body than their neighbor."

Through balanced nutrition, effective and efficient exercise, and positive psychology practices developed by leading coaches around the world, Adriann empowers women through education, control, and implementing their newfound knowledge as it applies to their lifestyle. It is in this way that she gives women the freedom and independence they deserve in their health and fitness. 

It is her passion to serve, and she is dedicated to continuing to helping her clients achieve the best results through The ANNA SANO Fitness Program.

Her mission in starting ANNA SANO was to create a fun and engaging program to help busy women lose weight, tighten and tone, and be free of dietary restriction. However, this movement has become so much more, and through her mission she has freed women from isolation, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, abusive relationships, and has helped cultivate a strong sense of self-love and respect in every woman (and man) she has worked with. She has created a program that empowers her clients to elevate their world, starting with the world within themselves.

"This is only the beginning."


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